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Review: Chris Getz’s Ultimate Boxing Lessons

Chris Getz ultimate boxing lessons

Boxing lessons from A to Z — The best boxing training DVD series

In his 8-DVD set of boxing lessons, Coach Christopher Getz starts with the basics, then builds up to full-scale boxing drills that require a partner.  Later, he covers sparring, boxing strategy, fitness routines appropriate for boxing, and ways to use boxing skills in self-defense situations.

Coach Getz’s teaching style is characterized by attention to detail.  There is nothing flashy or self-serving about his presentation.  Instead, his lectures are chock-full of information and devoid of surperfluous fluff.  It’s obvious that he spent a great deal of time thinking about how to introduce each concept so it builds upon and reinforces what comes before.

Chris Getz gives away the farm in this boxing training DVD series.  The wealth of information packed into these  DVDs could have been broken up and made into more than 8 videos.  I get the impression that this was a labor of love rather than a cynical money-making scheme.

The 8 DVDs included in the full set cover these topics:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Combinations
  3. Defense
  4. Counter Punching
  5. Focus Mitt Training
  6. Sparring and Ring Strategy
  7. Workout Routines
  8. Self-Defense

In the following sections, I’ll briefly describe the contents of each DVD.


You’ll learn all the basics. Chris Getz and his assistant teach every aspect of footwork and all the punches.

This DVD is an especially good overview of basic punching technique.  Every movement is defined down to the smallest detail.  You’ll gain an understanding of, and appreciation for, flawless technique.
Coach Getz first demonstrates each punch slowly and from at least two angles while mentioning the important points to keep in mind when you practice.  Often, he’ll use his assistant to show how to deal with an opponent’s defense while you throw a punch.  Then, he shows the punch at full speed on the punch mitts from many different angles, giving you a chance to see how the upper body works in concert with the footwork to generate power and speed.  Finally, he moves to the heavy bag and shows how to train your punching power.

After you watch this DVD, you will know how to throw each punch in a fundamentally sound manner, and how to move around the ring.


As you can imagine, there is more to boxing than just throwing isolated punches.  Throwing effective combinations isn’t easy.  You need to understand how and when to step and shift your weight.  And there are very good reasons why some combinations are better than others.

Coach Getz starts out with some basic two-punch combinations.  He goes into exhaustive detail about how to throw the combos effectively, how to incorporate defense into your offense, and when it is appropriate to use each combo.

Later, he demonstrates the standard three-punch boxing combinations.  By this point, viewers will begin to understand that punching combinations are not just random collections of punches, but meticulously-practiced strategic moves designed to penetrate and break down the opponent’s defense.

Finally, he shows some multi-punch combinations that, for various reasons, have become favorites of boxers the world over.

After watching this DVD, you’ll be an effective offensive fighter, with the knowledge to get into range, hit an opponent with a scoring blow, then retreat back into your boxing stance, all the while exposing as little of yourself as possible to your opponent.


You’ve heard it said many times: “the best defense is a good offense“.

Coach Getz explains that every offensive move — punches, footwork, body shifting, etc. — incorporates a solid defense within itself.  If an offensive move leaves you open to attack, it is worthless.

Later, he shows the standard defensive techniques:

  • Crouching or ducking
  • Catching and blocking
  • Slipping punches
  • Rolling with punches

Finally, he gets into some unconventional moves like the cross-arm position (Philly shell) made famous in modern times by James Toney and Floyd Mayweather.

After you watch this lesson, you’ll know how to give yourself a chance to avoid getting hit while remaining ready to counter attack as effectively as possible.

Counter Punching

Potent counterpunchers are exciting and dangerous.  But do these lightning-fast fighters have reflexes better than everyone else?  The answer is: no.  You can learn to be a competent counterpuncher if you study it in detail.

Counterpunching: Make him miss & make him pay

In the previous DVD, Chris Getz showed how to make opponents miss.  In this one, he shows how to make him pay.  Counterpunching is the art of extracting an advantage out of the opponent’s missteps.

The easiest counter punching techniques are those directed against your opponent’s jab.  Coach Getz starts off with these simple but effective variations.  Then, he moves on to various counterpunching strategies used to neutralize the rest of your opponent’s arsenal of punches.

After watching this installment (and the previous ones), there will be no major holes in your understanding of boxing technique and strategy.

Focus Mitt Training

Coach Getz says that focus mitt training is the most important type of boxing training.  It’s where you learn combinations, accuracy, and distancing.  This is the video where everything learned in the previous DVDs coalesces into a unified whole.

From the point of view of a trainer, he shows how to hold the mitts in conjunction with a belly pad, so your fighter can work both the head and the body.

Partner training on the mitts is what elevates gym-trained fighters far above the self-taught.  It turns one-punch wonders into combination machines.  If there’s a combination that you can’t find in this video, that so-called combination is probably useless.

Sparring and Ring Strategy

Finally, when you’re ready to face an opponent, this is the video that will prepare you for the unpredictable nature of actual sparring and fighting.

Instead of stepping into the ring with no clue how to operate, you’ll know how to plan out your moves in a sensible way, and how to react to your opponent’s moves.

Some of the many topics covered in this DVD include:

  • Basic equipment used, and standard protocol during sparring sessions
  • How fundamentals are applied against a resisting opponent
  • Strategies to use at the beginning of a match
  • How to alter your game when fatigue begins to appear
  • Dealing with being against the ropes or in the corners
  • Hand wrap techniques for training, sparring, and fighting
  • Mental aspects of training and/or coaching
  • A guest lecture by pro boxing referee Tony Crebs

Workout Routines

If you’ve never spent 2 or 3 minutes sparring, you have no idea how exhausting it can be.  Likewise, if you’ve never been hit by a solid shot, you have no idea how the best laid plans can fall to pieces the second you get drilled.

You may think you’re in good shape, you may even think you’re fighting fit, but unless you train for fitness like a boxer, chances are you’ll fall apart in the ring.

While there’s nothing revolutionary in this video, it does give you a realistic view into what it takes to get in fighting shape.  If you’re not doing the things you see on this DVD, you’re probably not going to be able to train as hard — and fight as well — as you should be able to.

Some topics include:

  • Shadowboxing
  • Stretching
  • Calisthenics and strengthening exercises
  • Abdominal training
  • Basic boxing gym workout routines
  • Different types of bagwork
  • Rope skipping and plyometrics
  • Medicine ball work

Self Defense

This video stands on its own; it doesn’t refer overmuch to the previous videos in the series.

Basically, Coach Getz shows how boxing can be modified and used during a self-defense situation.  Obviously, without gloves and handwraps, allowances have to be made.

Video production quality

The series was filmed in Coach Getz’s boxing and muay thai gym.  Some segments take place in the ring, and others by the punching bags or in the workout area.  Although it’s not filmed on a soundstage with perfectly controllable conditions, the gym is closed, quiet, and well-lit.

They used a single camera, but you get a good overview of the action and a closeup view of the important details.  The cameramen are obviously pros: panning and zooms are smooth and unintrusive.  The light and sound are adequate; there is never a problem understanding speech  or seeing what’s going on.  Background noise is kept to a minimum.

I read one review that said the production quality was “low”.  I don’t think this is a fair assesment of the quality of this video.

It is an analog video recording (not a digital video), and it’s not HD, but it is definitely a professional production that serves its purpose very well.

If you insist on flashy graphics, snappy music, and artistic video editing, this is not the instructional for you.  But if you want clearly-presented information, you’ll be very happy with this video.

Link to Chris Getz’s Ultimate Boxing Lessons on Amazon

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Paul June 5, 2012 at 4:57 pm

I read this review and checked out Amazon for pricing and saw more like-minded reviews there too. EVERYONE there agreed that the series was great, so I decidfed to buy it and I am extremely satisfied with the purchase and product.
IMO, the Chris Getz Ultimate Boxing Lessons DVD set is an absolute must-have for any student, or practitioner of boxing. This set would have been a deal at three times the price for the amoount of content and knowledge it gives. It can be used for many different drills and skills and it has helped me to learn, teach and stay physically fit and mentally motivated with boxing. By the time I got thru with the Punch Combinations dvd, I felt like a pro and my wife was very impressed when she saw my new found skills. This DVD set has really helped to open my eyes to the intricacies and subtle nuances used by many professional boxers and has allowed me to now recognise and understand the effective defensive and offensive approaches and techniques that work best for the most successful boxers.
In short, I’d like to thank the reviewer here on Heavyfists.com for an excellent review and Chris Getz for an extraordinary series of DVDs.

Many Thanks!


Mike Doran March 3, 2015 at 7:40 am

Thank you for this awesome site and all your work!

I’ve been wanting to train and box for some time.
Unfortunately, there are no boxing clubs or gyms in my area.

I’m going to order these dvds so I may get started and get the basics . Is there a sample of Chris’s videos on your site or Youtube?
Thank you in advance …Mike


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